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We Provide Extensive Information Technology Services For Small Business
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Full Technology Services From Computer repair to Infrasture upgrades, network and systems administration,
technology integration and automation, we do it all.
A+ Network+ Security+ Project+ Linux Certified Techs
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Use Your Tech Wisely We work with you to take you to new heights. Don't be happy with just running your business.
We will use our expertise to help your business run effectively and efficiently.
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Parallax Tech Competent Is Here Let us give you a piece of mind and results that you expected to see in the beginning.
Our integration and automation expertise in financial, infrastucture, and business process integrations
make your life easier so you can focus on your business.
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Particle Contact Us For More Info Call us or email us at contact@techcompetent.com for more information on how we can help your business succeed.
We can maintain and support your existing infrastructure or put on a new level. We make things happen for small business.
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