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Slide We provide next level services at unbeatable pricing Tech Competent was created by passionate people for small to medium businesses as well as end users and consumers. We provide end to end solutions from IT security to device repair and beyond. You can count on us. Learn More 1 True Solutions We work with the customer until a plan of action and solution is developed and implemented to take you where you need to be. 2 Beyond Fair Pricing We do this because we are good at it and it is our passion. We pass that value and work on to the customer instead of big bills. 3 High Value Work No, we aren't like the other companies. We solve issues, not introduce new ones. Our consultants are highly educated and certified. We welcome credential checks.

We Never Stop Integrating, Developing and Refining Services for Our Clients. We Maximize Operations You may see your business as a fine tuned machine, but we can maximize your returns using our IT experience. Learn How Premium Service No solutions, no problems. You don't pay for what you don't get. Trust us, we work hard for you. Read More 24/7 Support We work through the night to make sure your business resumes operations at normal hours. Get in Touch Cutting-Edge Technology Whether software or hardware, we stay up on the newest and most secure and feature rich options for your business. More Info Proactive Posture From updates to recalls and new versions. Don't worry about it. We know your tech and will keep it updated. Latest Version security Secure Your Business Our consultants are well versed in security. Let us secure your tech and infrastructure to keep you running. Learn More

Slide Listen to Learn More About Us We go the extra mile because that is what we do. Quality work and perfect solutions do exist and you should be able to trust a company to provide you with the solutions you need. We provide that service entrenched in integrity and rooted in old school morals and values. Don't let a huge corporation that doesn't truly care about you handle your livelyhood. We work with you from concept to implementation to make your company and workflows run smoothly. We do this and we will remain committed to making small and medium size businesses run to the best of their ability. You shouldn't have to spend half the day on Friday doing payroll and inventory. There is an easy and cheap solution for that. Your time is more valuable than that. Let us show you how.

Slide We Do Everything Well We focus on customer solutions and in turn their satisfaction. Whether it is an OLED screen replacement for a phone, or a new open source firewall to keep the bad guys out or even surveillance installation and configuration. You can be sure that we will do the job that you need us to do. Lean IT Solutions Implementation Business Process Automation Financial Integrations and Automations Website Design Security Audits Regulatory Audits Surveillance Installation/Configuration Electronics Repair Device & Computer Repair VOIP Implementation Software & Hardware Upgrades Offsite Backup Configuration Networking Solutions Legacy System Continuity Disaster Recovery We accept these types of payment

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